Royal Mail applies to court to block planned worker strikes

07:09 08/11/2019 - Delivery company Royal Mail said it would make an application to Britain's high court in an attempt to block planned strikes by its workers.

The company had made an interim order to injunct the Communication Workers Union with respect to its recent postal ballot of Royal Mail employees for industrial action.

'The company believes there are potential irregularities in the ballot, which would render it unlawful,' Royal Mail said.

It also said industrial action would damage the company and its employees in the run-up to Christmas.

Royal Mail questioned the electoral process particularly in relation to potential industrial action around UK national elections on 12 December.

The company was seeking a court order that the ballot, which opened on 24 September and closed on 15 October, was unlawful and, therefore, null and void.

The application was expected to be heard in the court next week.

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